European Cricket League (ECL) is proud to announce that the Guernsey Cricket Board has signed a long-term partnership ensuring that the Guernsey domestic champion club in 2021 will be invited to ECL22 - the Champions League of European cricket.

Guernsey Cricket Gearing up for European Cricket League

“Mark and his team have a historic, prestigious and professional team of clubs, players and administrators in Guernsey,” said Daniel Weston, Founder of the European Cricket League.

“Given their fantastic facilities and tight-knit feeling of community on the island, Guernsey has the perfect platform for both the continued growth of domestic club cricket as a sport but also for cricket as a key social event.

“We believe that by working together to propel their champion domestic club to the big stage in the Champions League of European cricket, it can only fuel the hunger for more cricket to be played and be seen with a sharper public focus in Guernsey itself.”

CEO of Guernsey Cricket Board, Mark Latter, said: "The Guernsey Cricket Board is delighted to enter a partnership with the ECL which will greatly help in the ongoing development process of cricket in Guernsey.

“The agreement will increase opportunities for clubs, players and umpires, and further boost the quality and awareness of Guernsey cricket. We very much look forward to working alongside the ECL family.”

This agreement follows closely on the back of the European Cricket Network (ECN) and Guernsey Cricket Board partnering to live stream a COVID-19 Appeal Match as cricket returned to the British Isles for the first time since the coronavirus lockdown. Featuring the island’s top players, the long-awaited resumption of cricket in Guernsey on May 30, played at the picturesque KGV Ground, raised funds for Guernsey’s COVID-19 appeal with the live stream attracting over 113,000 viewers on YouTube.

Following the postponement of ECL20 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the second staging of the European Cricket League - ECL21 - will now take place in May and June in Spain.