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PO Box 70240, Limassol 4162, Cyprus
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European Cricket League Representatives:
Punjab Lions Nicosia (2022), Punjab Lions Nicosia (2023), Moufflons (2024)

History of cricket

Unlike other Commonwealth countries, Cyprus did not take up the game during the years of colonial rule. It was brought by the British military stationed in Cyprus after the Second World War and confined to the British Bases, of which there are four: RAF Akrotiri, Episkopi Garrison, Dhekelia Garrison and RAF Ayios Nicholas.

In the 1970s, the expat community started to flourish and a team formed by them, 'The Moufflons' came into being and played in the then thriving inter-unit cricket.

In early 2000s, the community had expanded and Asian workers arrived on the island, bringing with them their love for cricket. About the same time, a number of Cypriots started to return to the island, after the troubles of 1974.

International cricket and developing the game

It was not until August 2006 that Cyprus made its international debut, finishing as runners up in Division Four of the European Championship. In 2007, the Cyprus Cricket National team competed in the European Division 3 Championships where they finished in seventh place out of eight.

In 2009, Cyprus then hosted the ICC Division 4 Championships where the hosts won the Division 4 championship. In 2011, Cyprus competed in the ICC Division 2 T20 Championships held in Belgium finishing tenth after beating Sweden in a play-off game for positions. In 2012, Cyprus competed in the ICC Europe Division 2 T20 Championships held in Greece where they finished in eleventh in the tournament, beating Malta in the play-off game.