The European Cricket Network (ECN) and the Bulgarian Cricket Federation (BCF) are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership expansion aimed at boosting cricket in Bulgaria. Together, the ECN and BCF are set to transform the sport even faster, offering unprecedented growth for Bulgarian cricket.

European Cricket Network and Bulgarian Cricket Federation Announce Expanded Partnership

Sofia, Bulgaria, May 22, 2023 - The European Cricket Network (ECN) and the Bulgarian Cricket Federation (BCF) are thrilled to announce an exciting expansion of their partnership, aimed at boosting international and domestic cricket while nurturing the development of youth cricket in Bulgaria.

The enhanced collaboration between ECN and BCF represents a significant milestone in the growth and promotion of cricket in Bulgaria. With a shared vision of advancing the sport across the country, this partnership will unlock numerous opportunities for players, youth, fans, and the wider cricket community.

One of the key highlights of this partnership is the increased focus on international and domestic cricket. The ECN, a prominent broadcasting platform for European cricket, will provide enhanced coverage and exposure for Bulgarian cricket events, raising the profile of the sport at a global level. Through this collaboration, cricket enthusiasts will have the chance to witness high-quality cricket matches and follow the journeys of talented Bulgarian players.

Furthermore, the partnership will play a vital role in securing additional funding for the development of youth cricket in Bulgaria. The BCF will work on initiatives and campaigns to promote youth participation in cricket, providing access to training facilities, coaching programs, and tournaments. By investing in the future generation of cricketers, this collaboration aims to create a sustainable pathway for talent development and ensure a bright future for Bulgarian cricket.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Daniel Weston, Founder of the European Cricket Network, said, "Andrey Lilov, Prakash Mishra and Nikolay Kolev are true legends of cricket in Europe. Without them, the cricket ground wouldn’t exist in Sofia and the matches couldn’t begin. We are delighted to work with like-minded people and expand our partnership with the Bulgarian Cricket Federation. This collaboration will enable us to bring more international and domestic cricket action to new Bulgarian cricket fans, while also fostering the growth of youth cricket in Bulgaria. We look forward to working closely with the BCF and contributing to the continued success of cricket in the region." 

Andrey Lilov, President of the Bulgarian Cricket Federation, shared his excitement, stating, "This expanded partnership with the European Cricket Network marks a significant step forward for cricket in Bulgaria. The increased exposure and funding opportunities will help us develop the sport at all levels, inspire young cricketers, and establish Bulgaria as a thriving cricketing nation. Together with the ECN, we are committed to unlocking the immense potential of Bulgarian cricket."

As the ECN and BCF embark on this new chapter of their partnership, cricket enthusiasts, stakeholders, and fans alike can eagerly anticipate a future brimming with exciting cricketing action and unprecedented growth for Bulgarian cricket.