Pak I Care Badalona has been crowned the Kings of European Cricket with their win over Tunbridge Wells from England in the Final of the Bet2Ball European Cricket League, the “Champions League of European Cricket”.

Spanish Club Champions Win the Bet2Ball European Cricket League 2022

In an extraordinary tournament, where over 25,000 runs were scored and 1,450 wickets taken, the club from Spain has pulled off a previously unimaginable feat, by beating 29 other champion clubs from all over Europe, including those of two Test cricket nations, England and Ireland plus two ODI level cricket nations, in Netherlands and Scotland.


Qualifying for European Cricket League finals week as the Winners of Group E, Pak I Care Badalona faced other finals week qualifiers Brigade from Ireland, Alby Zalmi from Sweden, Brescia CC from Italy and Tunbridge Wells. All teams proved they were worthy contestants for the trophy but gracious in defeat as the team from Badalona came out on top.


Match Scorecard:


Muhammad Babar from Pak I Care Badalona was unanimously named the MVP of the Tournament after a phenomenal display of cricket, scoring 433 runs at a strike rate of 220.91, including a mind blowing 53 6s and 17 4s. He also took 23 wickets at an average of 10.43 as the tournament's highest wicket taker.


Tournament Statistics:


In other special mentions, Ahmadullah Safi from Brescia CC was honoured with the Spirit of Cricket award and Alby Zalmi from Sweden was presented with the Kiba Inu Fair Play award. With Safi, known by all as “Mr 100%” and Alby, known for their youth, passion and energy winning the hearts of the fans throughout the tournament.


The monumental event lasted 6 weeks, with all of the 144 matches unfolding in front of a global TV audience with millions of viewers each week. Which has provided a special platform for the growth of the sport all across Europe and promoted to the world.


The next clash between Spain and England will take place at the European Cricket Championship starting on September 12, 2022, when the national teams of both countries will face each other again.