European Cricket League (ECL) is proud to announce that the Portuguese Cricket Federation (Federação Portuguesa de Cricket) has signed a long-term partnership ensuring that the Portuguese domestic champion club in 2021 will be invited to ECL22 - the Champions League of European cricket.

Portuguese Cricket Federation proud ECL partner

"The passion and commitment Alexandre Gouveia, Sandro Buccimazza and their team at the Portuguese Cricket Federation have brought to European cricket in recent years has been excellent," said Daniel Weston, Founder of the European Cricket League.

"I strongly believe that by inviting the Champion club from Portugal to compete in the ECL, it will rapidly elevate the sport at domestic level and encourage more clubs, teams, administrators, fans and children to the sport to further grow the country’s cricketing community.

"From next season, every club in Portugal has a pathway to compete to become the "Kings of European cricket."

Chairman of Portuguese Cricket Federation, Alexandre Gouveia, said: "The Portuguese Cricket Federation is delighted to enter a partnership with the ECL which will greatly help in the ongoing development process of cricket in Portugal.

"The agreement will increase opportunities for clubs, players and umpires, and further boost the quality and awareness of Portugal cricket. We very much look forward to working alongside the ECL family."