European Cricket League partners with Kiba Inu

Kiba Inu sponsors all 30 teams in the European Cricket League 2022 as Presenting Partner

Zug, 23 December 2021 – European Cricket will proudly partner with cryptocurrency coin Kiba Inu for the next edition of the European Cricket League to be staged from Feb 7 to March 18 in Malaga.

A cryptocurrency coin aiming to revolutionise the sector’s industry by combining a wide range of crypto utilities with community drive and passion, Kiba Inu is backed up by an array of applications created by its own team of developers. Some of these include Kiba swap, the in-house dex; Kiba bridge, a network bridge unifying the blockchains; Kiba Gains, a portfolio tracker; Kiba Charts, analytical tools to study price action; Kiba Forno, a market-wide token tracker; and Kiba HP, a honeypot-identifying tool to help investors stay safe. Kiba Inu’s distinctive branding will feature on the front of all participating 30 National Champions Clubs which is considered to be a World Record for the most number of shirts sponsored by one brand at a single event,. Also, Kiba Inu will be present at many of the other event platforms to underline the close co-operation and commitment of Kiba Inu and one of the fastest growing sports – European Cricket. This includes significant social media and branding of the international TV signal to a global audience.

Roger Feiner, CEO of the European Cricket League AG: “Cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance are some of the latest markets that have garnered attention in recent years, and they represent a huge potential area to grow business. European Cricket is proud to partner with Kiba Inu, one of the most innovative and engaging companies within this sector, for the European Cricket League in Spain. With this engagement, European Cricket is put on the same level like some first-class engagements of Kiba Inu in the Formula One and the SerieA and we hope this can be the first step of an interesting partnership. Like Kiba Inu, we are innovators and we believe there can be a lot of overlap between our companies when it comes to principles and best practices.

A Spokesman of Kiba Inu: “"We are excited for what the future holds, we are working tirelessly on building our brand and bringing new features to the space, we are currently working on a Play-to-Earn gaming metaverse, a collection of NFT's, a launchpad for other tokens and much more in development. European Cricket and Kiba Inu have been innovating and refining their respective products since day one of their inception. It’s this relentless pursuit of excellence that leads us to proudly partner with European Cricket during the “European Cricket League.”

About Kiba Inu

Kiba Inu is a cryptocurrency coin that aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry, by combining a vast range of crypto utilities with community drive and passion. In order to establish the cryptocurrency the developers at Kiba have created a collection of unique utilities including; Kiba swap: the in house dex, Kiba bridge: a network bridge unifying the blockchains, Kiba Gains: A portfolio tracker, Kiba Charts: analytical tools to study price action, Kiba Forno: A market wide token tracker, and Kiba HP: A honeypot identifying tool to help investors stay safe. Kiba is growing from strength to strength with no signs of slowing down, with over 25,000 users worldwide in a relatively short amount of time, Kiba is set to become one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world. Our token is available to buy on uniswap and BSC. Please visit our website