Vinny Sandhu with six takeaways from his interactive European Cricket Studio Live Show (Episode 20) on Facebook Live. You can watch the full episode here.

European Cricket Studio - TAKE 6 with Mr Maximo

Our Facebook Live episodes have been a great way to connect with the cricketing community in Europe along with our followers from all across the world. Tune in tonight for our final Facebook Live show for May by following the @europeancricket Facebook Page. You even have the opportunity to be interviewed in our virtual studio, simply by following a short link which becomes available once the show commences. Come on in and be a part of the show!

1  Czech out some real cricket from 13 June!

As exclusively revealed on website, we will have some cricket to broadcast very soon!  Specifically, the ECN Czech Super Series.  This 16 team, 40 match cricket extravaganza will run over five weekends from Saturday 13 June to Sunday 12 July.  I had Terry O’Connor (Czech Cricket COO) as my guest to talk me through the innovative format. Each of the first four weekends have four teams who play each other in six round robin T10 contests, followed by an eliminator and a qualifier.  The victorious team from each of the first four weekends will return for the fifth weekend, which runs using the same format, and on that final Sunday the ultimate champion will be crowned!  T10 matches, small boundaries, large action! Stay tuned for further updates and don’t forget to catch all the action on the European Cricket Network!

2  Cricket is growing in Czech Repubic and the grounds look amazing.

It wouldn’t have been possible to stage such an event in the country just a few short years ago when there were only a handful of teams.  Terry told us about the growth of Czech cricket over the last couple of seasons to the point that there are 16 teams raring to go, all guns blazing!

3  Terry O’Connor’s awesome RHO!

In my weekly segment, I ask a guest to find a Random Household Object (RHO) to show our viewers. Terry’s was a real gem, a vintage Star Wars R2D2 figurine from 1977 – a genuine blast from the past. With four teams taking part in the ECN Czech Super Series each weekend, for some cracking entertainment I certainly recommend our viewers ‘use the fours’.

4  Cricksplaining the powerplays.

This week’s ‘cricksplanation’ was all about powerplays. It’s a cool name for starters, but it was good to get into why they exist, embark on a bit of a history lesson, and how powerplays differ slightly from format to format.

5  Skill does not vaccinate cricketers from dropping catches!

We watched an entertaining compilation of some of the most shocking dropped catches of all time.  It was a timely reminder that even high-level professional cricketers make simple blunders. I also gave a short lesson about appropriate excuses for dropping simple chances.  For example, it doesn’t even have to be sunny to blame the sun. Furthermore, if you happen to be playing a night game, it’s always perfectly acceptable to say you ‘lost it in the lights.’ Take notes!

6  Another week, another quiz.

Our viewers will know that we love a giveaway at European Cricket, so I took the chance to remind everyone about our weekly quiz, where one lucky person can win some fantastic cricket footwear from PAYNTR. All you need to do is go to visit our website between 6am CEST Friday and 6pm Sunday CEST and answer six simple questions.  All of the answers can be found on the website, with some hints in the European Cricket Studio shows. Many thanks to PAYNTR for supporting our weekly European Cricket Quiz.


Be sure follow the @europeancricket Facebook Page for our final European Cricket Studio live show on Thursday 28 May from 9pm CEST (7pm GMT, 12:30am India). Also, CZECH out our YouTube Channel ECN – European Cricket Network where regular fresh visual content is uploaded.

Until next time, keep hitting them high and handsome! ‘Mr Maximo’ - Vinny Sandhu.