In our stars of ECL series we look James Cameron-Dow of Ireland’s champion team C.I.Y.M.S. who were cruelly denied a shot at ECL20 due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The South African born left-arm spinner played his first season in Northern Ireland back in 2013, before committing full time to life in Belfast five years later. James, 29, soon made both his First Class and List A debut for the Northern Knights and has since gone on to impress in Test and ODI cricket for Ireland.

European Cricket Family - Q & A - James Cameron-Dow of Ireland’s Champions C.I.Y.M.S.

How much of a disappointment was the postponement of ECL20?

Definitely a major disappointment, but at the same time possibly a blessing in disguise with my ECL20 availability being doubtful due to provincial fixtures. So, it might actually end up being a good thing for me personally anyway, and definitely for us as a club.

What's your take on the recent ECL21 Qualification announcement?

Yeah, I think option 2 is definitely a great solution. It's not easy, but that would make it fair for both teams involved, and adds in another top-quality game of cricket for the clubs involved - so hopefully that's the option taken by most.

How has your life changed since covid19 crisis?

Well like most people for sure, I am spending a lot more time at my 'home office' trying to keep busy; no coaching or playing, and then I suppose other changes would include getting excited about going to the supermarket and walking to my garage ...

What's the toughest part of the current covid19 crisis for you?

Lack of sport! It wouldn't be too bad if there was good Live sport on TV - but not being able to play, practice or even watch, makes things really tough.

Positively, what is the best part? If any?

Well, my house is spotlessly clean! And I have managed to do lots of other little bits and pieces that I have been putting off for ages because I had 'no time'! So, I guess that's a positive ...

Who or what is your greatest inspiration at this time?

I suppose just the thought of getting back to normal life, and then friends and family really! Staying in touch, video calls, etc, and just knowing that we are all going through the same thing together.

What do you do more of these days? What do you do less of these days?

More: Video Call; Day Dream; Quizzes; Clean; Cook ... anything to kill an hour or 2 ...

Less: Leave my house ... Work ... Play Cricket ...

If you could choose what would be your dream FIRST game back after the fight has been won against covid19?

Well I suppose you can't expect a good quality final to be your first game back ... so I would just have to dream for any game on a good sunny day, where we can play some good cricket, and enjoy a drink on the outfield together after the game.

What was the highlight of your cricketing career so far?

It would have to be the first three months of 2019 - enjoying a really good A side tour in Sri Lanka, being called into both ODI and Test match squads for the Afghanistan series, and then making both my ODI and Test debuts.

Who is the best bowler you've faced?

Not taking conditions into account, just going on ranking – it would have to be Rashid Khan. 

The fastest bowler you've faced?

This is a tricky one! I have faced a few quick spells from numerous bowlers so it’s tough to put one name down. But I would probably say a guy named Michael Cohen who I think is now playing in England (it only lasted 2 balls though ...)

And the best spinner faced?

(Excluding all Irish Cricketers) it would have to be Rashid again.

Who is the best batsman you've played with?

(Again, excluding all Irish Cricketers) I was fortunate enough to play a season with South African test player Rassie van der Dussen back in 2015 when he pro'd for us - who was just a class act! (Played against him the season before, which wasn't as much fun!)

And against?

(And again, excluding all Irish Cricketers) I have played against South African David Miller once before - and I still have nightmares of him hitting me over cover for 6, and the ball not going above 12ft ... 

Also new South Africa test opener Pieter Malan, when he pro'd over in Belfast too! This just felt like he could hit me for a boundary when and how he wanted. Probably difficult to look past them.