In our stars of ECL Series we take a look at Taranjeet Singh, a supremely talented Indian all-rounder for Romania champions Cluj.

European Cricket Family - Q & A: Taranjeet Singh, Indian all-rounder for Romania Champions Cluj.

Not to be outdone by his president and internet sensation Pavel Florin, Taranjeet Singh was undoubtedly the standout performer with bat and ball for Cluj at ECL19. Taranjeet bagged a stack of wickets with his tidy off-spin and made some blisteringly quick runs at the top of the order.

Taranjeet and his Cluj teammates were denied another shot at European League glory following the recent postponement of ECL20 due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Enjoy the supremely talented T Singh in action!

How much of a disappointment was the postponement of ECL20??

We were all really looking forward to the tournament and everyone put in a great effort to win the 2019 Romania T20 championship, so it was a huge disappointment but I believe that is the best decision at this moment in time.

What’s your take on the recent ECL21 qualification announcement??

It’s good that the tournament will continue in 2021 and, at the same time, let’s see how much cricket we will have in 2020.

How has your life changed since covid19 crisis?

A lot. Working from home for such a long time is unusual and is a bit challenging at times. But now we have to live with that and adapt to this in our lives.

What’s the toughest part of the current covid19 crisis for you?

Not to have cricket at this time, especially as we seem to have beautiful weather almost every day. Sitting at home over the weekends is the toughest part for all of us :-)

Positively, what is the best part? If any?!

The best part is to spend lot of time with family at home and playing with my son more than before.

Who or what is your greatest inspiration at this time?

My son and wife, who are also working with me all day and listening me talking all day :-)

What do you do more of these days? And less?

Lots of work, I eat more and do less fitness.  

What would be your dream FIRST game back after the fight has been won against covid19?

I’m in Bucharest far away from most of my teammates so the first thing would be meeting up after such a long period as we all live in different cities all over Romania. And then of course to score some runs as well.

KP pictured with his cricketing hero Taranjeet Singh

What was the highlight of your cricketing career?

There are many based on the type of cricket I am playing, like initially playing for my state Haryana and Kurukshetra university, then moving onto work corporate cricket for Bright club and Team Genpact. Then of course moving to Europe and playing in Romania. The best part would be corporate cricket where we won 33 games in successions which is still a record.

Who is the best bowler you've faced?

Piyush Tiwari from Jaipur. The guy has good pace and can swing the ball both ways. He plans exactly how to take your wicket. I always enjoyed the challenge against him.

The fastest bowler you've faced?

Navdeep Saini (Indian Cricket team player)

And the best spinner faced?

Pranav Kush (currently playing club cricket in Australia)

Who is the best batsman you've played with?

I have played with many good bats for example: Ishan Pasrija, Sanjeev Saini and Amar Karanwal.