FanCode ECS Sweden Malmo provides an opportunity for ten teams to showcase their skills, contesting 48 games over 12 days. Every game will be live streamed worldwide on the European Cricket Network and on FanCode - a multi-sport aggregator platform, from the house of Dream Sports for the Indian Sub-Continent.

STATS ANALYSIS - Quarter-Finals Run Rate Comparisons

After two weeks of intense action, Fancode ECS Malmo has boiled down to eight teams, four apiece from Groups A and B, involved in four quarter final matches to be played on Friday. Here's a statistical glance at the four matches.

Quarter final 1 - Ariana CC v Malmohus

Ariana CC finished second in Group A and will take on Malmohus who finished third in Group B. A look at how the two sides have fared so far reveals contrasting numbers, yet ARI managed to win six of the eight matches while MAM could only win four. Malmohus has a run rate for of 11.6 as against 8.9 by Ariana CC. On the other hand, ARI have been more restrictive with their bowling, leaking runs at just 8.4 as against 9.9 by MAM.


Quarter final 2 - Landskrona v Malmo

Landskrona finished second in Group B after five wins in eight matches. In contrast, Malmo lost four and won three, but scraped through to the quarter finals. The team performances are reflected in stats too. Malmo has a lower run rate for and a higher run rate against as compared to Landskrona. LAN have, however, been expensive with their extras. 


Quarter final 3 - Ariana AKIF v Lund

Ariana AKIF, the defending champions, had a blast in the group stage, winning seven of the eight matches. Meanwhile, their quarter final opponents Lund won just three and lost four. AF had a better run rate for and run rate against compared to Lund in the group stages and are better placed to win this quarter final clash.


Quarter final 4 - Goteborg City v Jonkoping

Newcomers Goteborg City were surprisingly bullish in Group B, winning seven of the eight games and topping the group, while reigning champs from European Cricket Series Gothenburg, Jonkoping were lucky to get through after winning just two of their eight matches. In terms of run rate, GOC had a run rate for of 11.7 and a run rate against of just 9.1. In contrast, JKP had a run rate for of just 9.4 and a run rate against of 10.2.


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