FanCode ECS Sweden Stockholm provides an opportunity for ten teams to showcase their skills, contesting 48 games over 12 days. Every game will be live streamed worldwide on the European Cricket Network and on FanCode - a multi-sport aggregator platform, from the house of Dream Sports for the Indian Sub-Continent.

STATS ANALYSIS - Higher run rates in Group B of Fancode ECS Sweden Stockholm as quarterfinals beckon

After 20 matches each in Group A and Goup B of Fancode ECS Sweden Stockholm, we have seen divergent trends with the run rates so far.

Here's a statistical overview of the run-rates for and against each team in Fancode ECS Sweden Stockholm split by group.

Group A

Pakistanska Forening and Botkyrka were the top two teams in the table in Group A after 20 matches. Both sides scored had run rates for in the range of 9-10, but PF stood out with a run rate against of 7.1, two points lower than that of BOT. The team ousted was the one with the worst run rate against in Group A.

The highest run rate was for Stockholm, which finished third in the points table.

Group B

Table toppers, Marsta and Djurgardens IF had the highest run rate for and the lowest run rate against in Group B, a clear indication that they were the better teams.

Like with Group A, the team eliminated, Nacka, was the one with the highest run rate against.

While Group A had four teams having run rates against over nine runs per over, Group B had just three with the toppers, DIF and MAR, having very close run rate against values.

All four teams to qualify to the quarter finals from Group B had run rates for at over nine runs per over. On the other hand, Group A had two teams that had run rates for at less than 8.5 runs per over.

Quarter final matches

Quarter final 1: DIF vs STO 

Quarter final 2: PF vs ALZ

Quarter final 3: MAR vs FOR

Quarter final 4: HUD vs BOT


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