FanCode ECS Sweden Malmo provides an opportunity for ten teams to showcase their skills, contesting 48 games over 12 days. Every game will be live streamed worldwide on the European Cricket Network and on FanCode - a multi-sport aggregator platform, from the house of Dream Sports for the Indian Sub-Continent.

Day 8 PREVIEW: FanCode ECS Sweden Malmo – Matches 29 to 32

European Cricket Network live broadcasts four T10 matches on Day 8 of the 2021 FanCode ECS Sweden, Malmo on Tuesday 10 August.


Goteborg City enjoyed a day off on Monday and will have to be at their best against Malmohus, while the hosts Landskrona pit their wits against winless Hisingens.

Group B

LND  Lund (3-0-1, NRR+4.535)

GOC  Goteborg City (2-0, NRR+1.450)

MAM  Malmohus (1-2-1, NRR+0.600)

LAN  Landskrona (1-3, NRR-1.515)

HSG  Hisingens (0-2, NRR-7.333)

European Cricket Series Malmo 2020

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European Cricket Series Gothenburg 2020

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European Cricket Series Malmo 2021

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MATCH 29  (ECS21.632)


0630 GMT | 0830 CET | 1200 IST


MATCH 30  (ECS21.633)


0830 GMT | 1030 CET | 1400 IST


MAM Last Five Matches: W L NR W L (Avg Score For 137, Avg Score Against 118) 

GOC Last Five Matches: W W (Avg Score For 112, Avg Score Against 98) 



Captain: Ankit Gupta

Wicketkeeper: Raseka Danasekara

Projected Top Four: Dheeraj Malhotra, Raseka Danasekara, Ankit Gupta, Rizwan Tarar

Projected Opening Bowlers: Sheron Nord, Faraz Muneer

Spin Option(s): Shahbaz Hussain


MALMOHUS Key Players:

Dheeraj Malhotra, an aggressive opening batsman able to play shots on both the front and back foot. Second highest run scorer last term at European Cricket Series Malmo 2020 amassing 171 runs in six innings. Also a dependable and consistent bowler, picking up FOUR wickets with his medium pace. Second highest scorer for MAM racking up 114 runs in four games including a 28-ball 58 vs LAN on Monday. He is also the top wicket taker for his side scalping FIVE wickets.

Ankit Gupta, a talented, adaptable and powerful batsman. Racked up 152 runs from six matches atEuropean Cricket Series Malmo 2020. Scored 30 runs at a SR of 300 on Saturday. Continued his hitting form on Monday mustering a 32-ball 104 on Monday including 11 HUGE maximos.

Faraz Muneer, right arm nigglymedium pacer, consistent bowler with an arsenal of swing, cutters and slower balls. Picked up SIX wickets last summeratEuropean Cricket Series Malmo 2020. Has picked up a couple of wickets this term.

Ashish Rajput, the 29-year old medium pacer impressed last summer at European Cricket Series Malmo 2020 scalping EIGHT wickets from six matches. Scalped three wickets in two games on Monday.


Captain: Abu Zar

Wicketkeeper: Umar Usman

Projected Top Four: Rahim Safi, Abu Zar, Mahib Shahin, Qasir Mahmood

Projected Opening Bowlers: Avinash Ketty,Mahib Shahin

Spin Option(s): Hasibur Rahman , Vikas Dixit , Abu Zar



Rahim Safi, has joined GOC this season, one of the best all-rounders in the side, has the ability to change games on his own with his power-hitting. Also very quick and reliable with the ball in his hand. Scalped three wickets on Saturday at an ER of just six.

Abu Zar, captain, LHB, is the best batsman in the side, top scorer for the club last year. Mustered 39 runs in two matches on Saturday.

Qasir Mahmood, top scorer for GOC on Saturday racking up 45 runs in two games including an unbeaten 39 off 23 vs LAN.

Mahib Shahin, the hard hitting all-rounder bagged man of the match award in his very first ECS match for his all-round performance mustering 38 off 20 and picking up 2-16 vs LAN. He is leading the wickets column for GOC picking up FIVE wickets in two games.


Goteborg City enjoyed a great debut with two wins over the hosts Landskrona. Malmohus will be a much stiffer test though for GOC and two close encounters are expected.


Match Prediction: Malmohus (MAM) and Goteborg City (GOC) to share the spoils in two entertaining contests.



MATCH 31 (ECS21.634)


1030 GMT | 1230 CET | 1600 IST


MATCH 32  (ECS21.635)


1230 GMT | 1430 CET | 1800 IST


HSG Last Five Matches: L L L L L (Avg Score For 60, Avg Score Against 127) 

LAN Last Five Matches: L L L W (Avg Score For 105, Avg Score Against 129) 



Captain: Gokul Seenivasan

Wicketkeeper: Sri Vakkalanka

Projected Top Four: Chaitanya Kilari, Raja Mavuduru, Gokul Seenivasan, Sri Vakkalanka

Projected Opening Bowlers: Abhinav Kamma, Raja Mavuduru

Spin Option(s): Sriram Sridhar


HISINGENS Key Players:

Abhinav Kamma is an emerging young talent who bagged one of the best bowling figures of 6-19  across all formats in 2021. He is the leading wicket taker for HSG in the ongoing Swedish T20 League Division 1 with 10 scalps from four games. Scalped two wickets on Monday.

Gokul Seenivasan, captain, one of the best batsman in the side, plays in the top order and can swiftly move up the gears to change the course of the match. Also a reliable bowler and regular wicket taker with his medium pace cutters. Top wicket taker for HSG on Monday picking up three wickets in two games.

Chaitanya Kilari, best all rounder in the HSG side, contributes with both bat and ball. Top order batsman with an ability to score runs quickly in the power play and picks up crucial wickets with the ball. Top wicket taker for HSG at European Cricket Series Gothenburg 2020, scalping five wickets in five matches. 


Captain: Saghar Hanif

Wicketkeeper: Nadeem Khan

Projected Top Four: Rameez Dalvi, Imran Kiyani, Tauseef Walayat, Qaisar Zaman

Projected Opening Bowlers: Amritanshu Singh, Javid Khan

Spin Option(s): Aniket Kharade, Saghar Hanif



Imran Kiyani, an aggressive batting all-rounder with an ability to score quick runs and can swing the ball at decent pace. Top scorer for LAN racking up 91 runs in four games including a 25-ball 46 vs GOC. Has scalped SIX wickets as well.

Rameez Dalvi, a consistent opening batsman, leading run scorer for LAN in Swedish Cricket League in the past two years in the T20 format. His agility makes him by far the best fielder in the side as well. Second highest scorer for LAN mustering 88 runs in four games at a SR of 226.

Saghar Hanif, captain, one of the most experienced players in the LAN side. A prolific run scorer with over a decade of experience in Swedish Cricket. He is a very handy left arm spin bowler as well. Returned man of the match for his all-round performance against MAM scoring a valuable 24 off 16 and picking up 3-9 with the ball.

Tuseef Walayat, middle order batsman who can destroy any bowling attack with his power hitting. Excellent fielder with a very strong arm. Plundered 52 runs in two games at a strike rate of 274!

Amritanshu Singh, the right arm pacer has impressed the most in the LAN bowling attack bowling tight lines. He has scalped SEVEN wickets in four games and is leading the wicket taking charts for his side.

The hosts Landskrona grabbed their first win against Malmohus, but HSG remain winless after two games. Whoever takes the honours here will be confident of nailing down a place in the knockout stages.


Match Prediction: Landskrona (LAN) to edge both games and deal a savage blow to HSG qualification hopes.



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