FanCode ECS Romania provides an opportunity for five teams to showcase their skills, contesting 24 games over six days. Every game will be live streamed worldwide on the European Cricket Network and on FanCode - a multi-sport aggregator platform, from the house of Dream Sports for the Indian Sub-Continent.

STATS GUN - Day 5 - FanCode ECS Romania

CLJ Tops the points table with 7 wins.

The Top two teams CLJ and ACCB have scored most runs with 133 and 122 runs per match respectively.

So far 302 is the highest match total recorded between the top two teams CLUJ and ACCB.

Run Rates by the end of day-5.

Intrestingly BUG is the part of match 8 and 19 in which highest number of fours per match were recorded.

CLJ has scored 21 sixes in match-16 which is most by a team so far in the tournament.

BAN records the highest runs in first over and powerplay.

UNI strikes with highest number of wickets per match.

13 wicket quintuple has taken place .

Toss Factor: Wins Batting 1st vs Batting 2nd.

Caught is the most common dismissal so far.

Teams winning the toss have won 12 out of 20 matches.

Ironically Teams winning the toss have decided to bat first in all the matches.