With immediate effect, European Cricket Network Golden Ball regulations have been tweaked and the new rules will come into force for the European Cricket Series Cartaxo starting on Monday in Portugal.

Move over Super Over - Golden Ball - Version 2

The Golden Ball regulation means that in the event of a tied match with scores level, the batting side stays at the crease and has to score two or more runs from the “Golden Ball” to win.

Previously, this had to be the same bowler who had delivered the final ball of the innings. But from now on, any bowler can be chosen to bowl the Golden Ball. For the batting side, any batsman who has not been dismissed in the innings can take strike.

In March, we witnessed the historic first-ever Golden Ball Finish at the European Cricket Series Alicante.


Up to and including last week’s European Cricket Series Capelle in the Netherlands, there have been seven Golden Ball finishes in total. Overall, the batting team has prevailed in six of those thrilling climaxes.

The brainchild behind the Golden Ball is European Cricket League commentator and presenter Vinny Sandhu aka “Mr Maximo.”

“In those finishes, the fielding side have missed two regulation run outs - but that’s the pressure and intensity the Golden Ball creates,” said Vinny.

“More importantly, the fact that so many games have been last ball finishes demonstrates how closely-matched some of these teams are. It’s gripping viewing watching the twists and turns in the final overs of a chase!”

The ECS roadshow rolls onto Portugal on Monday for the European Cricket Series Cartaxo.

Tune into the action from Monday to Friday from Portugal from * 0930 CEST * 0730 GMT * 1300 IST.