Sloggers win their maiden title on ECN beating Tarik comprehensively in the final of ECSN Gibraltar.

Sloggers Shine Under Gibraltar's Night Sky: ECSN Gibraltar, 2024 Review

ECSN Gibraltar illuminated the night skies at the Europa Sports Complex, Gibraltar, becoming a spectacle of excitement and fervor. Over 24 enthralling encounters, the tournament witnessed a total of 4626 runs, 214 wickets, and the resounding echoes of 378 fours and 248 sixes, showcasing the thrilling brand of T20 cricket.

The grand finale unfolded as Sloggers clashed with Tarik, and it was Sloggers who emerged victorious, lifting the coveted trophy. Chasing a target of 101, Sloggers exhibited a masterclass in efficiency, achieving the goal in just 7.3 overs, clinching the title in a commanding fashion.

At the heart of Sloggers' triumph stood Dylan Henshall, a maestro with the bat who not only orchestrated the team's success but also earned the title of Most Valuable Player (MVP). Henshall's blade carved a path of dominance throughout the tournament, culminating in a stellar 364 runs, featuring four half-centuries, including a crucial one in the final.

Complementing Henshall's heroics, Matt Williams emerged as the leading wicket-taker, weaving a tapestry of deceptive deliveries and claiming a total of 19 wickets in the tournament.

As Sloggers rejoiced under the Gibraltar night sky, the ECSN Gibraltar 2024 concluded as a testament to the spirit of the game, the thrill of competition, and the camaraderie shared under the floodlights.