Sri Lankan Lions overpowered MSN Punjab Lions in the final of ECS Cyprus, 2024 winning their maiden ECS title.

Sri Lankan Lions Roar to Victory: ECS Cyprus, 2024

In a spectacular curtain-raiser for the 2024 season, ECS Cyprus showcased thrilling cricket, setting the stage for an exciting year ahead. The picturesque landscapes of Cyprus witnessed cricketing brilliance as 11056 runs were scored, 453 wickets tumbled, and the skies were adorned with 914 fours and 719 sixes, creating a symphony of sporting excellence across 47 intense matches. However, amidst the fierce competition, it was the Sri Lankan Lions who emerged as the undisputed champions, clinching their maiden ECS title.

In the final showdown, the Sri Lankan Lions overpowered MSN Punjab Lions chasing the target in just 6.4 overs, securing victory and etching their name in ECS Cyprus history. What makes their triumph even more remarkable is their unbeaten streak throughout the tournament, claiming victory in all 10 of their games.

The standout performer of this cricketing spectacle was Akila Kalugala, whose scintillating form earned him the well-deserved title of Most Valuable Player (MVP). Kalugala's bat wielded magic as he notched up an impressive 439 runs, featuring a century and four half-centuries. His consistent brilliance was a key driving force behind the Sri Lankan Lions' dominance.

As the dust settles on ECS Cyprus, 2024, the resonating cheers for Sri Lankan Lions, the record-breaking sixes, and the individual brilliance linger at the beautiful Ypsonas Cricket Ground. The event not only set the stage for an enthralling season but also reaffirmed the essence of 10-over cricket as an electrifying spectacle, where every ball has the potential to rewrite the narrative.

Here are some of the snapshots from ECS Cyprus, 2024: