The 2024 season kicks off with ECS Cyprus where 10 teams will be vying for glory at the Ypsonas Cricket Ground, Limassol.

ECS Cyprus, 2024: Preview

As the cricketing world gears up for another action-packed year, European Cricket Network (ECN) is thrilled to commence the season with the much-anticipated first event of the yearECS Cyprus, 2024. This twelve-day extravaganza, starting from January 17th and culminating on January 28th, promises to be a riveting showcase of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship.

Ten formidable teams will vie for supremacy on the Ypsonas Cricket Ground in Limassol, Cyprus. While nine of these teams are familiar faces, having graced the cricketing arenas in previous Cyprus events, there's a fresh entrant making its debut — BF Royals. Their inaugural appearance adds an extra layer of excitement, bringing an element of unpredictability to the tournament.

Last year's champions, Black Caps, etched their name in ECS Cyprus history with a stellar performance, emerging victorious in a thrilling final against Napa Royal Kings, now known as Royal CC. The question on everyone's minds is whether Black Caps can maintain their dominance or if a new contender will rise to the occasion.

The Ypsonas Cricket Ground, with its picturesque setting in Limassol, will once again play host to the cricketing fiesta. A battleground where teams will clash for supremacy, the venue is witness to countless memorable moments, and ECS Cyprus 2024 is poised to add more to its storied history.

Reflecting on the stats from the previous year, the numbers speak volumes about the intensity of the competition. A staggering 13,913 runs were scored across 70 matches, accompanied by a flurry of wickets — 734 in total. The boundary ropes saw a symphony of hits, with 1,322 fours and 662 sixes leaving the cricketing enthusiasts in awe.

Here are some snapshots from ECS Cyprus, 2023:




Stay tuned as ECN brings you live coverage, updates, and thrilling highlights of ECS Cyprus 2024. Let the cricketing spectacle begin!