Malta Women clean sweep Estonia Women in the four match ECI Malta-Estonia series.

Malta Women Triumph in ECI Series Against Estonia

In a series that showcased outstanding cricketing prowess and dominance, Malta Women emerged as resounding victors in the ECI Malta-Estonia international showdown. The four 10-over international games played between Malta and Estonia Women's teams were a testament to Malta's superior performance and exceptional talent on the cricket field.

Malta Women showcased their mettle right from the start, dominating each game with exceptional skill and strategic play. Despite Estonia's efforts to improve and adapt across the series, Malta remained in firm control, securing victories in all four games comfortably.

One of the standout performers of the series was Shamla Cholasseri from the Malta Women's team. Cholasseri's contributions were pivotal in Malta's resounding success. Her remarkable consistency and all-round excellence set her apart as a key player in her team's triumph. Over the course of the series, Cholasseri amassed a total of 124 runs, showcasing exceptional batting prowess by being dismissed only once across the four games. Additionally, her prowess extended to the bowling department as she made significant contributions, claiming five wickets, topping both the scoring sheets and wicket-taking charts.

Cholasseri's stellar performance not only showcased her individual brilliance but also served as a driving force behind Malta's comprehensive victories in the series. Her remarkable consistency and all-round contributions were a testament to her talent and dedication on the cricketing field.