European Cricket Network would like to strongly remind all clubs and players to use helmets / head protectors which adhere to the highest safety standards AT ALL TIMES when batting, wicket keeping up to the stumps and fielding in close.

European Cricket Network – Helmet Protocol

While adhering to ICC regulations on the use of head protection in all our European Cricket Network events, we consider that head protectors are an essential part of a cricketer’s kit to mitigate the risk of death, injury or disability. However, it must be remembered that wearing a head protector cannot entirely eliminate that risk. New quality standards and specifications make head protectors safer than before, but cannot unfortunately entirely eliminate the risk of injury. 

Wicketkeepers, in particular, are strongly encouraged to wear a head protector with a faceguard, or a wicketkeeper face protector, at all times when standing up to the stumps.

Any individual, ideally the captain or senior club official, taking responsibility for any player(s) under the age of 18 in European Cricket Network events should take reasonable steps to ensure this guidance is followed at all times. No parental consent to the non-wearing of a head protector should be accepted.