Meet Lina Nenova, a trailblazing female umpire who is breaking barriers in cricket officiating. Her inspiring journey and unwavering dedication are paving the way for inclusivity and gender equality in the sport.

The Trailblazers - Umpire Tsvetelina Nenova

In a remarkable exposé, we delve into the inspiring journey of a female umpire who recently officiated a European Cricket Series in Bulgaria. Her passion, dedication, and resilience have made her a trailblazer in the world of cricket officiating. Through her incredible experiences and unwavering determination, she continues to break barriers and inspire others in the cricketing community.


A Journey Inspired by Passion


Meet Tsvetelina ‘Lina’ Nenova (48), a determined and talented umpire whose journey began with a spark ignited by her father's love for cricket. It was her father who took her to her very first game and patiently explained the intricacies of the sport. From that day forward, she was captivated by cricket, with the umpire's role holding a particular allure.

Upon moving to England, the heart and home of cricket, Lina sought out local teams and matches. It was at one of these games that she encountered Mr. Terry Bentham, the chairman of the South Yorkshire Cricket League, and Mr. Peter McDonald, a renowned umpire in Yorkshire. Recognizing her potential, they became her mentors, “They have been my mentors from the very beginning of my career as an umpire and I greatly appreciate their help and the time they have dedicated to me.” Lina recounts.

Lina tells us that one of her most cherished memories is her first umpiring assignment at the iconic Lords Cricket Ground. The anticipation leading up to the event was overwhelming, accompanied by a profound sense of responsibility. She dedicated countless hours to studying, practicing, and honing her knowledge of the game, knowing that at Lords, competence is paramount. When the day finally arrived, and she stepped onto the pitch at the home of cricket, it was a defining moment, validating her hard work and commitment.


Promoting Inclusivity in Umpiring


As a passionate advocate for gender equality, Lina emphasizes the importance of having more women involved in umpiring and officiating roles in cricket. She has personally encountered opposition and sexism throughout her journey, “Personally, I have experienced a lot of opposition when trying to get the respect I deserve, and I know many other women struggle too. Till this day I often endure sexism while trying to progress in Cricket umpiring.” However, she firmly believes in fostering a fair and welcoming environment that encourages individuals to pursue umpiring and officiating careers.

Lina passionately states, 'We must call out and prevent unfairness and discrimination. It is crucial to create a healthy and inclusive atmosphere that inspires people to embrace umpiring and officiating roles in cricket. Allowing women the freedom to build their careers and gain well-deserved recognition is not only fair but also sets a powerful example of collaboration and mutual motivation for improvement. So far, the few women in this industry act as great role models that inspire others, and I am proud to be part of the team."


An Inspiring Role Model


ECN is proud to have Lina amongst our ranks, she stands as an exemplary role model, inspiring others with her dedication and perseverance. She epitomizes the spirit of breaking barriers, challenging gender stereotypes, and paving the way for future generations of women in cricket. Her presence in the umpiring fraternity serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring women officials. Thank you Lina, and well done!