After 4 weeks of intense battle, 26,344 runs and 2,372 maximos later, it was England XI who reigned supreme at the Dream11 European Cricket Championship 2023.

England XI are the 2023 Dream11 European Cricket Championship winners!

In the world of European cricket, the Dream11 European Cricket Championship 2023 (ECC) will go down in history as an event of epic proportions. With a record-breaking 31 teams participating, it was the largest ECC tournament to date. Records were shattered, legends were made, and on the grandest stage of European cricket, England XI emerged as champions, dethroning the previous title-holders, Netherlands XI.


A Monumental Tournament

The ECC 2023 was monumental in more ways than one. With a staggering 31 European countries represented, it was a testament to the ever-growing popularity of the sport across the continent. From seasoned cricketing nations to emerging talents, the ECC brought them all together in the spirit of competition and camaraderie.


Record-Breaking Performances

The ECC 2023 witnessed breathtaking performances that rewrote the record books. A total of 26,344 runs were scored, and the sound of leather meeting willow echoed as many as 2,372 times as batsmen sent the ball soaring into the skies. These numbers are a testament to the explosive cricketing talent on display during the tournament.


England XI: The New Kings of European Cricket

In the grand final, England XI showed nerves of steel as they clinched the ECC 2023 title, defeating the defending champions, Netherlands XI. Led by the charismatic Dan Lincoln, England XI put on a clinical performance. The Dutch side, at one point, seemed poised for a much higher score, but England's bowlers kept their composure, restricting them to 145 runs.

The real fireworks, however, came when England XI took to the crease. Tom Hinley played a spectacular innings, scoring a brilliant fifty and leading his team to a swift victory in just 8.1 overs. England XI's performance was a masterclass in chasing, and it crowned them as the new kings of European cricket, securing their second title in three years.


Individual Brilliance Recognized

The ECC 2023 also celebrated individual brilliance. Spain's Hamza Saleem Dar was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for his outstanding all-round performances. His contributions with both bat and ball set him apart as one of the tournament's standout players.

The spirit of fair play was also honored, with Ireland XI's skipper, Sam Harbinson, receiving the HCL Software Fair Play Award. His leadership and commitment to the principles of sportsmanship exemplified the values of cricket.


A Grand Conclusion

As the final ball was bowled and the celebrations began, the ECC 2023 concluded with a resounding message: European cricket is on the rise, and its future is brighter than ever. The tournament showcased the diversity of talent and the passion for the sport across Europe.

The ECC 2023 will be remembered not only for the breathtaking performances on the field but also for the friendships forged off it. It was a celebration of the unity that cricket brings, transcending borders and boundaries.