Czech Cricket and the European Cricket Network have announced an expanded partnership to fuel the growth of cricket in Czechia, including further youth development initiatives. The collaboration aims to build upon the strong foundations laid by both organizations to take Czech cricket to new heights.

Czech Cricket and European Cricket Network Announce Expanded Partnership for Cricket Development in Czechia

[Prague, 14 July 2023] - The Czech Cricket Association, the governing body for cricket in Czechia, and the European Cricket Network (ECN), a prominent platform for cricket development in Europe, are thrilled to announce the expansion of their partnership. This collaboration aims to further nurture the growth of international and domestic cricket in Czechia, building upon the remarkable achievements and foundations laid by both organizations in recent years.


Over the past three years, Czech Cricket and the European Cricket Network have united their efforts to create remarkable cricket events, hosting more than 100 matches played by 23 teams. This partnership has played a significant role in popularising the sport and establishing a strong cricketing culture within Czechia.


One of the key aspects of this expanded collaboration is the continued support for youth and women's cricket development in Czechia. The European Cricket Network, in conjunction with Czech Cricket Association, will provide further assistance to nurture and foster young talent in the country. The focus will be on developing a robust framework that empowers the youth to excel in cricket, laying the foundation for a promising future for the sport.


Daniel Weston, Founder of the European Cricket Network, expressed his admiration for the extraordinary growth of cricket in Czechia, stating, "The efforts of Czech Cricket, along with the Federation and the board, have been truly remarkable. We are impressed by the development that has taken place and the solid foundations that have been established. We are excited to build upon this success and play a role in taking Czech cricket to new heights."


Prakash Sadasivan Nair, President of Czech Cricket, shared his enthusiasm for the expanded partnership, stating, "We are delighted to join forces with the European Cricket Network to further develop and grow the game of cricket in Czechia. This partnership will enable us to provide enhanced opportunities for our players, both at the domestic and international levels. We believe that this collaboration will create a bright future for cricket in our country."


Dan Casey, Development Officer of Czech Cricket, expressed gratitude for the partnership and the prospects it brings, saying, "We are incredibly thankful to the European Cricket Network for their continued support. This expanded partnership will enable us to accelerate the growth of cricket in Czechia, bring the sport to new audiences, and create exciting opportunities for players of all levels. We are eagerly looking forward to what the future holds for cricket in our nation."


The expanded partnership between Czech Cricket and the European Cricket Network marks a significant milestone in the development of cricket in Czechia. With a shared vision and a commitment to excellence, both organizations are poised to bring the sport to greater heights and pave the way for a thriving cricketing community in the country.