The European Cricket Network has signed a 5 year agreement at the Cartama Oval.

Cartama Oval – The Home of European Cricket for the Next 5 Years!

After three successful years at the Cartama Oval, the European Cricket Network (ECN) in cooperation with its close and valuable partner, Cricket España, are delighted to announce the extension of the agreement to play in Cartama for the next 5 years until 2028! This venue has become a prestigious one for T10 cricket in Europe. The Cartama Oval is at an ideal location with sunshine throughout the year along with a quality ground, picturesque view, and a great place for fans to enjoy a wonderful experience with good food and beverages.

Nacho Aguilar, CEO of Profutcamps, expressed his excitement: "A cooperation with the biggest cricket organisation at our ground, PFC Costa del Sol, is proof that the infrastructure is not only top for the best football teams, but also a reason for a long-term relationship with European Cricket with the participation of 35 clubs and nations.”

Juan Carlos Rodriguez Martinez, President of Cricket España, also shared his thought: “Cricket España, as the host federation, is delighted to support and promote this venue agreement.”

Roger Feiner, CEO of ECN, spoke about the importance of this agreement: “The Cartama Oval is a wonderful ground and we want to continue hosting our flagship events at this location. This deal secures the next 5 years for these events and we can ensure the best facilities for the players and the fans. Also, a big thank you to the mayor of Cartama, Jorge Gallardo, who always supported the ECN and built the bridge for this multiyear agreement.”

The upcoming events are the ECL, ECC and ECC-W to be hosted in Cartama in 2024, with more teams participating than ever before. Thrilling action, records broken and nail-biting games are to be witnessed along with more fans and supporters, making it the true Cartama Oval experience.