European Cricket is proud to announce a partnership with established Swiss company Bio-Strath that started producing natural food supplements exactly 60 years ago.

Bio Strath The Swiss Natural Food Supplement Empowers European Cricket

With the partnership, Strath’s natural power of herbal yeast will provide a vital energy factor to energetic European Cricketers. From May 2021 onwards, Strath will partner the European Cricket Series events, taking place all over Europe offering worldwide exposure to the hosting National Cricket Federations to a growing global audience.

In 1961, Fred Pestalozzi formed the company Bio-Strath based on German physician Walter Strathmayer’s unique recipe that has remained secret to this day. Within just a few years, the Strath products gained the trust of people all across the world and its distinctive herbal yeast tonic convinced the marketplace with its natural power.

These days from a quaint village close to Zurich, Bio-Strath produces and ships its products all over the world to 50 different countries. Current owner and Managing Director, David Pestalozzi (Fred’s son), runs the company with a highly skilled and dedicated team and represents Bio-Strath’s core values: healthy growth, high-quality raw materials, gentle processing and natural resources treated responsibly.

European Cricket is honored to join forces with Bio-Strath to develop European Cricket further, with Strath benefiting in the months to come from the global recognition of the world’s number two sport.

“European Cricket has proven worldwide interest and to be part of the fastest growing sport in Europe will help Strath be seen by millions of eye-balls every day,” said David Pestalozzi. “Strath also takes care of people’s well-being on a daily basis and European Cricket supports communicating this message into Strath’s core markets and to the world.”

Roger Feiner, CEO of ECL AG said: “Bio-Strath is a very welcome partner for our European Cricket project, combining the main interests of both Swiss companies for sports activity and health in a dynamic market environment. We are convinced that Strath’s message will be well-received by our huge and ever-growing cricket community. We are proud to share our platform with such a traditional and successful food supplement partner.”