The European Cricket Network aims to provide welcome light relief in these difficult times by launching a new, exciting project – the European Cricket Studio - starting 6 April LIVE on Instagram - Monday through Thursdays at 1500 GMT * 1700 CET * 2030 IST.


Sports commentators and presenters Michael McCann and Vinny Sandhu were set to spearhead the European Cricket League broadcasting team for ECL20, before the ongoing COVID-19 crisis saw the second-staging of the Champions League of European Cricket postponed just as spring was starting.

However, Michael and Vinny are unwilling to be completely derailed by COVID-19. Having replenished their creative juices, Michael and Vinny will take in turns for LIVE duty in an innovative and ground-breaking project, talking all things cricket in Europe in the European Cricket Studio Live on Instagram, Monday through Thursdays at 1500 GMT * 1700 CET * 2030 IST.

“Rather than being discouraged, I have committed with my colleagues to bring cricket fans more content, delivered innovatively and designed for maximum engagement. Our upcoming European Cricket Studio platform will provide an outlet for cricket-lovers to connect with us and provide an interactive experience unlike anything we’ve done before,” said Vinny, better known as the inimitable ‘Mr Maximo.’

“Sport is unscripted drama, and a great escape for so many worldwide, but of course life is so much bigger. Real pressure is being on the frontline in a crisis like this.” Michael said.

“Our exciting ‘European Cricket Studio’ project will provide a bit of regular light-relief from the uncertainty of current life. Featuring well-known cricketing faces across a range of in-depth interviews, challenges, and viewer-led shows, the studio will keep the European cricket flame burning bright."

Join the European Cricket Studio LIVE starting 6 April on Instagram - Monday through Thursdays at 1500 GMT - 1700 CET – 2030 IST.