The Euros of Cricket

The Dream11 European Cricket Championship 2024 is set to start on the 23rd of September with a new format where the tournament is split into 2 divisions. Division 1 will be named ECC-X and division 2 will be named ECC.

The ECC-X groups stage will run first, from the 23 September to the 29th of September followed by the ECC-X playoffs from the 30 September to the 2nd of October. A total of 11 teams will take part in the ECC-X.

Then, the ECC groups stage will take place from the 3rd of October to the 14th of October with 20 teams split into 4 groups. The ECC Finals week will be held from the 15th to the 19th of October with the 4 winning teams of each group plus the current champions of the ECC23 (England XI).

The winners and runners-up of the ECC-X 24 will be promoted to the ECC25 and the bottom team of the ECC24 will be relegated to the ECC-X25.

Men's participating countries in 2024: 32

Men's Champions 2021: England XI

Men's Champions 2022: Netherlands XI

Men's Champions 2023: England XI

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