Established in early 2000s, Eyeprint has gradually developed into printing and supplying signage for companies all over the South coast of Spain.

Eyeprint making the branding shine at the ECC

As a valued partner, we asked those closest to European Cricket for their opinion on the effects of our international cricket event has on them by hosting in the Andalucia region.


1. Who are you and what is your role within the company?

My name is Roxy and I'm Italian. I have been working at Eyeprint since 2014 and I am the office manager. We are a printing and signage company based locally here on the Costa del Sol in Spain, handling the branding solutions for much of the European Cricket events. 


2. What is your favourite sport or hobby and why?

As a child / teenager volleyball was my passion, growing up I took a liking to skating and in past two years I have been very much involved with an expat football club here on the Costa del sol. Last year I joined a hockey team but padel tennis and CrossFit are what I now spend most my time doing.


3. Tell us a little bit about your company / organization history… When was it established, how it all began?

Eyeprint has been in operation for quite some time now on the Costa del Sol. It has provided design and print services to every industry. The success of our company is down to the loyalty of customers and companies that we work closely with. 

Established in early 2000s and started as a window display company in Mijas but gradually it has developed into printing and supplying signage for companies all over the South coast of Spain.


4. Does your company have an ethos or selling point that you would like to share with us?

We always aim for client satisfaction whether its a simple print work for the home or an illuminated sign for a business. 

 Through our design department we help to create corporate identity and to make ideas come to life. We have a sales office in la Cala de Mijas where clients can visit us and a production workshop in Fuengirola. 


5. What effect does the European Cricket Championship have for the region of Malaga and your company?

Its a great venue that brings a lot of knowledge about cricket to the locals, creates a lot of work and advertisement for many local companies


6. What stands out about our collaboration that resonates with you or your company with our events?

We weren’t so familiar with cricket in general, but we had heard great reviews above the European cricket events elsewhere and were looking forward to being involved. 

 We have a really good relationship and each event it seems to grow bigger and better. Great communication with the members of the team means it is a pleasure to work with the European Cricket behind the scenes.

 It is fantastic for cricket lovers here on the Costa to be able to visit the tournament and watch the live action between the different nations competing right here on the coast.


7. How might your company benefit from your participation with the Championship and European Cricket?

With an international sporting event like this it generates interest all over the world but with the venue only minutes away here in Malaga it brings a lot of exposure to the coast. For ourselves as a company it is very positive to be able to share our involvement with local people and customers being a local business supporting the event as we do.

Our participation is a massive positive for us and when the events are taking place we feel really a part of it, it is an honour to see Eyeprint flags and merchandise during the live TV coverage.


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