European Cricket commits towards eradicating global hunger by partnering with the ShareTheMeal platform of the United Nations World Food Programme.

European Cricket Network Joins Hands with the United Nations World Food Programme to support the ShareTheMeal award-winning platform

We are delighted to announce a partnership that creates a powerful alliance between sports and charity. The European Cricket Network (ECN) has teamed up with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to support the ShareTheMeal platform. WFP is the world's largest humanitarian organization, tirelessly working to end global hunger. ShareTheMeal, their award-winning platform, allows users to make small donations (€ 0.70) that provide a meal to a hungry person in need.

The ECN, at the forefront of promoting and popularizing the game of cricket throughout Europe, is now using its global influence and reach towards helping this worldwide humanitarian cause. This partnership is not just about cricket; it's about uniting for a greater purpose.

Cricket is a sport with an extensive fan base in commonwealth countries and a growing popularity in Europe. ECN is going to make use of its platform to bring awareness on the pressing issue of global hunger. Through our live broadcast, social media campaigns, and on-site communication, we aim to ensure that the cricketing world raises awareness and much needed funds to help hungry families.

Small contributions can make a difference. Together with our dedicated cricket community, we aspire to generate vital funds through ShareTheMeal. Every cent counts, and every meal provided brings us one step closer to eradicating hunger.

“We are delighted to have the ECN supporting the ShareTheMeal platform at a most critical time of funding shortfalls. We are excited to start this partnership and hope that ECN will continue to support this humanitarian cause for the years to come” said Rami Kridly, CEO of ShareTheMeal.

Roger Feiner, CEO of ECN, has also expressed his eagerness to start this joint venture “We are doing a lot to support European Cricketers prosper and it is also our duty as humans to help the ones in need around the world. Through the ShareTheMeal platform, we are able to bring our community together and fight against world hunger. We go by our slogan – Stronger Together!”

Join the ECN Challenge and donate now by scanning the QR code below or following the link below, as we turn the love for cricket into a powerful force for global change. Together, we can bowl out hunger and create a better tomorrow for those in need!

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