About Us

Thomas, Frank, Daniel & Roger

About Us

Founded in 2019, the European Cricket Network (ECN) is the digital home of cricket in Europe. 

The ECN is focussed on growing the sport by developing great events, while using cutting edge technology to create entertainment, promotion and digital fan engagement of cricket being played all over Europe, then taking it to a global audience via ECN media partners.

The ECN produces live, TV quality broadcasts of the following three marquee events throughout the year;

European Cricket Series (ECS)

Igniting domestic club cricket as fast as possible. ECS events are played and hosted by local clubs and cricket Federations in cities across Europe all year round.

European Cricket Championship (ECC)

An annual tournament played by European national teams. The ECC is the first international T10 cricket event ever to be staged.

European Cricket League (ECL)

An annual tournament played by the champion clubs of each of the European partner countries' top league competitions.

The ECN crew is driven by a vision that couples a passion for cricket with the power of latest technologies to deliver elite level competitions that are accessible to a diverse group of athletes across Europe. ECN's innovation has the potential to make cricket the largest summer bat and ball team sport across Europe in the next generation and beyond.

CEO | Roger Feiner

  • Head of TV Rights and Marketing, Business Unit Sport SRG - Swiss Television

  • FIFA Director of Broadcasting

    • 1999 FIFA Confederation Cup Mexico

    • 2000 FIFA Club World Championship Brazil

    • 2002 FIFA World Cup Japan/Korea

  • Managing Director of Teleclub Sport, Vice President of MySports

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President | Frank Leenders

  • MD of TEAM Marketing for the UEFA Champions League

  • Director General FIBA Media & Marketing

  • Marketing for Eurovision song contest

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Board Member | Thomas Klooz

  • CEO of TEAM Marketing for the UEFA Champions League

  • Board Member FIBA Media & Marketing

  • Marketing for Eurovision song contest

Founder & Board Member | Daniel Weston

  • Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Aimed Capital

  • Global Macro Trader and Technology Investor

  • Founder of German Cricket TV – ignited the social media driven "cricket uprising" in Germany

  • International cricketer for Germany after moving from Australia in 2007

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