ECSN Portugal promises to be a cricketing fiesta like no other, featuring a total of 32 thrilling games.

ECSN Portugal, 2023: Preview

Get ready for a cricketing spectacle like never before as the European Cricket Series Night (ECSN) takes center stage in Portugal. The event promises to be the ultimate celebration of cricket under the stars, with six top teams battling it out in 32 thrilling games. at the Estádio Municipal de Miranda do Corvo.

As the sun sets, the excitement rises with every evening bringing two action-packed games. ECSN runs parallel to the regular ECS tournament during the day, providing an unparalleled cricketing feast for fans and enthusiasts.

The spotlight will be on players showcasing their skills under the cover of darkness, with an opportunity to shine in the evening spotlight. The fast-paced T10 format will add to the excitement, as batters aim to unleash powerful strokes and bowlers strive to deliver match-winning performances.

As the European Cricket Series Night unfolds in Portugal, fans can expect breathtaking catches, explosive batting, and strategic bowling, all contributing to the thrill of the game. With six competitive teams battling it out, every match will be a test of grit, determination, and cricketing finesse.

ECSN Portugal adds a touch of glamour to the traditional day events, creating a captivating cricketing experience for spectators and viewers alike. The Estádio Municipal de Miranda do Corvo provides the perfect setting for this cricketing spectacle, with state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant atmosphere.