ECN unveils the Weston Shield and Meltl Shield, two premier cricket tournaments honoring founder Daniel Weston and wife Manuela Meltl-Weston, showcasing elite European and British & Irish talent.

ECN Unveils the Inaugural Weston Shield and Meltl Shield Tournaments

In a groundbreaking move, European Cricket Network (ECN) is set to introduce two prestigious cricket tournaments, the Weston Shield and Meltl Shield, aiming to elevate the thrill of cricket and celebrate the pinnacle of talent in the European, British & Irish cricketing landscapes.

Weston Shield: A Tribute to Founder Daniel Weston

Named in honor of our founder, Daniel Weston, the Weston Shield is poised to make its debut at the Santarem Cricket Ground in Portugal on April 6th and 7th, 2024. This invitational event will showcase the best of European cricket talent, pitting Team Europe against the British & Irish Knights in a best-of-nine series. Maintaining the signature 10-over format of ECN events, the Weston Shield promises two days of intense competition and camaraderie.

Daniel Weston, a visionary in European cricket, is honored through this tournament that seeks to carry forward his legacy of promoting the sport and uniting cricket enthusiasts across borders. The Weston Shield is set to become a beacon for excellence in the cricketing world, a stage where the finest talents from Europe and the British & Ireland converge to compete at the highest level.

Meltl Shield: A Celebration of Women's Cricket

Complementing the Weston Shield, ECN is excited to announce the Meltl Shield, scheduled to take place in Rome in August 2024. Named after Daniel Weston's wife, Manuela Meltl-Weston, thanks to her incredible support of Daniel’s cricket development project dating back to 2016, this women's invitational event will feature Team Europe locking horns with the British & Irish Roses. The Meltl Shield will follow the same 10-over format, emphasizing ECN's commitment to promoting women's cricket and providing a platform for the best talent to shine.

Here is the preliminary squad of invited players for the Weston Shield 2024:

A final squad of 14 players will be named on 28th of February 2024 based on players availability and team balance.