European Cricket Network (ECN) and Deutscher Cricket Bund (DCB) are delighted to announce the European Cricket Series Dresden starting on Monday August 10.

European Cricket Network and Deutscher Cricket Bund announce European Cricket Series Dresden

European Cricket Series Dresden provides an opportunity for numerous German internationals on five teams from eastern Germany, including the capital city Berlin, to display their skills to a global audience. Hosts RC Dresden, BSV Britannia, USG Chemnitz, BSC Rehberge and Berlin Eagles feature over five days in 24 fast and furious T10 matches to establish the European Series Dresden Champions.

European Cricket Series and European Cricket Network Founder Daniel Weston said: “RC Dresden is a club that wants to grow the game, take advantage of their facilities to attract crowds, connect closer with their local government and put local talent on the map.

“We will work together to execute a great event while also broadcasting their club’s venue and culture to the world.”

Brian Mantle, CEO of the Deutscher Cricket Bund (DCB), said: “It is great to see the European Cricket Series continue its tour around Germany and we are grateful to the European Cricket Network for their continued support of German cricket.

“We have a plethora of talent in eastern Germany and the capital Berlin. It is incredibly attractive and a great incentive for these players to showcase their skills to large global audiences.”

Every European Cricket Series Dresden game will be live streamed worldwide on the European Cricket Network and on FanCode - a multi-sport aggregator platform from the house of Dream Sports for the Indian Sub-Continent.