The European Cricket Network live broadcasts the 2020 European Cricket Series Cyprus encounter between Punjabi Lions and Nicosia Tigers.

PREVIEW: MATCH 07 – Punjabi Lions v Nicosia Tigers – European Cricket Series Cyprus

Tune in to the live action Thursday from 10am CEST * 9am UK * 8am GMT * 1:30pm IST from the Ypsonas Cricket Ground in Cyprus.

Team Preview for Punjabi Lions

Punjabi Lions have been the kings of the Cyprus jungle all week.  Can anybody upset their momentum on Thursday?

Captain & Main Wicketkeeper: Neeraj Kumar Tiwari

Key Players:

Gurapartap Singh is MUFASA, because he is the leader of the Lion attack with the bat. He is particularly powerful straight, so the short boundaries to the sightscreen are suiting him perfectly.

Waqas Akhtar is a Mr Fix-It for the Punjabis.  He can bat, bowl or even keep if the situation dictates.  He adds immense versatility to their lineup.

Mangala Gunasekara will look to continue his good form. He is likely to open the batting with Gurapartap Singh, as well as sending down two overs of thunderbolts.

Kulwinder Singh is THE PACKAGE.  He has played some important innings this week and really shone in the T10 format.

Team Preview for Nicosia Tigers

Nicosia Tigers have had their moments during the week, but they’ll have to pull out something special if they are to prevail in this ‘Battle of the Big Cats’.

Captain: Faysal Mia

Main Wicketkeeper: Aizaz Jameel

Key Players:

Yasir Khan has certainly been the standout batsman for the Tigers.  If he can somehow carry his team to an imposing score, then perhaps the Lions will have an off day with the bat.

Shabbi Ul Hassan has impressed at times with the bat. He will have to take his game to another level against the Lions.

Anowar Hussain has looked a useful all-rounder when he has been included. I’m looking forward to seeing him ply his trade.

Faruk Ahmed is a reliable bowler, who has been sent into bat in key situations. He has a big heart and I can tell he always gives his all for the team.

Mr Maximo’s tip: PUNJABI LIONS

Can anybody stop the Lions this week in Cyprus?  The four pillars of strength (Garapartap, Waqas, Gunasekara and Kulwinder) seem to have the competition covered. I can’t see them dropping this game, although anything can happen in T10 cricket and we’ve seen heavily-favoured teams slip up in past European Cricket Series. I may be a bit crazy, but not crazy enough to tip against the Punjabi Lions just yet. I think they will prevail in Thursday’s ‘Battle of the Big Cats’ in Cyprus.