Announcing ECN’s new partnership for Diversity and Inclusion Training

Announcing ECN’s new partnership for Diversity and Inclusion Training

The European Cricket Network is excited to be working with leading diversity and inclusion consultants, Diverse Matters to kick off the new year with workshops to better understand the importance of Diversity and Inclusion within our organisation and in the community.

Diverse Matters will provide coaching to the ECN to provide lessons for leaders, managers and individual members of staff to deepen their awareness and enhance their practice particularly relating to equity, equality, diversity and inclusion.

A focus of the workshops will be on why equality, diversity and inclusion is important. Understanding sexual orientation issues, and learning about inclusive language.

The ECN is striving to benefit as individuals and as a team in many ways, including:

• Establishing and acting toward achieving goals.
• Increased level of engagement with work activities.
• Providing a safe space to gain perspective and to discuss any issues of concern, work challenges and development issues.
• Providing a deeper level of learning.
• Building everyones personal awareness. 
• Obtaining ideas for ways to enhance how we manage and work with each other in teams.

The workshops with Diverse Matters will take place in Malaga, Spain as the ECN crew assemble before the start of the European Cricket League (ECL22), the Champions League of cricket in Europe.