In our stars of ECL series we take a look at V.O.C. Rotterdam stalwart Jelte Schoonheim. A six-hitting machine, capable of snagging vital wickets, Jelte was an integral part of the V.O.C. side that stormed to victory at ECL19 last summer to become “Kings of Europe” at La Manga Club in Spain.

European Cricket Family - Q & A – Jelte Schoonheim of V.O.C. Rotterdam

How much of a disappointment was the postponement of ECL20??

It was a double whammy for me. I was really looking forward to playing in the tournament and being with the guys again in Spain. Also, I had planned a family holiday straight afterwards, which we also had to cancel.

What was the highlight of your cricketing career?

It’s a three-stage rocket:

Stage 1: Winning 2018 Dutch national 50 over league championship, which qualified us for ECL19.

Stage 2: Winning ECL19.

Stage 3: Winning the Dutch national 20/20 league championship in 2019, which doubly qualified us for the ECL20.

All three stages got me over the moon!

What’s your take on the recent ECL21 qualification announcement??

Just this, the reigning champion can only be challenged in the next available tournament.

How has your life changed since covid19 crisis?

A lot has changed since. But the main thing,  after all of this, is to stay focused on your goals and in your life.

What’s the toughest part of the current covid19 crisis for you?

Not knowing what to do or where to go to at the weekend (which is nowhere), as everything is closed.

Positively, what is the best part? If any?!

Having the urge to paint these walls and doors that came towards me. I am not a good painter, but those walls just needed to be painted. And so I did. It was a good workout and I recommend it to anyone! Vincent van Gogh has nothing on me.

Who or what is your greatest inspiration at this time?

A can of paint, a paintbrush and ugly looking walls and doors that scream to be painted.

What do you do more of these days? And less?

Did I already mention that I have taken up painting walls and doors? It’s great and it takes my mind off all the horrible things that are going on at the moment. I have thought less about not being able to play cricket, as cricket is normally my life.

What would be your dream FIRST game back after the fight has been won against covid19?

Just any game of real cricket would be nice right about now.

Who is the best bowler you've faced?

Peter McIntyre

The fastest bowler you've faced?

Andre Adams

And the best spinner faced?

Pieter Seelaar - besides being a good (and often grumpy) captain, Pieter is a good bowler who is at his best when he presents his reverse psychology techniques to the opposing batsman.

Who is the best batsman you've played with?

To me, there are several individuals that fit into this category:

Lou Vincent, George Bailey, Rene Schoonheim, Chris Smith, Ryan ten Doeschate, Maxwell O’Dowd (he’s a good DJ too), Scott Edwards (he’s a good sweepologist too), Klaas Jan van Noortwijk, Bas Zuiderent, Tom Cooper

And against?

A (smaller) list of people:

Neil McKenzie, Tim de Leede, Rene Schoonheim, Daan van Bunge, Tom Cooper