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NORQAIN Joins As The Official Timekeeper For The European Cricket League 2024

Swiss watch manufacturer, NORQAIN, comes onboard for the European Cricket League 2024 as the Official Timekeeper.

With the European Cricket League 2024 only 5 days away, European Cricket is delighted to announce the tournament’s new Official Timekeeper, NORQAIN.

NORQAIN, based in Nidau (Biel/Bienne), Switzerland, and founded in 2018, the watchmaker shares the values of aspiring for new heights and endeavours, much like those embodied by groundbreaking projects such as European Cricket.

The European Cricket League 2024, is set to be the biggest competition between European Clubs yet, spanning over 4 weeks with 35 teams vying for the coveted title of the Champions of Europe. NORQAIN, as the Official Timekeeper will be present to ensure the punctuality of live play.

Ben Küffer, CEO of NORQAIN, shares his excitement “We are thrilled to announce NORQAIN's partnership with ECN as the Official Timekeeper. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to precision, excellence, and the shared values of both NORQAIN and ECN. India, being a strategic market for us, played a pivotal role in our decision to enter the world of cricket. We look forward to keeping time for the exciting moments on and off the field, marking this as a significant chapter in our journey.”

“European Cricket is honoured to join forces with NORQAIN, which can be seen as one of the most dynamic and innovative watch manufacturers in Switzerland. NORQAIN and European Cricket are both founded in 2018 and we share the same values. We are to become Norqainers and to be part of a very well-represented partner family. The worldwide Cricket community is looking forward to being in-time with NORQAIN.” highlights Roger Feiner, CEO of European Cricket.”

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