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Hornchurch are the European Cricket League 2024 champions

Hornchurch from England secure ECL24 title after beating Old Victorians from Jersey in the Final of the “Champions League of European Cricket”.

The curtains have fallen on the much-awaited European Cricket League 2024 (ECL24), leaving behind a trail of unforgettable moments and remarkable achievements. Hosted amidst an aura of excitement and anticipation, ECL24 stood tall as the biggest event in the annals of the European Cricket Network (ECN), captivating audiences with its riveting displays of sporting excellence.

With 35 champion clubs hailing from 33 nations converging on the cricketing stage, ECL24 epitomized the spirit of unity, diversity, and fierce competition. A record-breaking showcase ensued, witnessing a staggering tally of 29,506 runs, 1235 wickets and an unprecedented 2,629 sixes, showcasing the sheer prowess and tenacity of participating teams.

In a gripping finale, Hornchurch from England emerged victorious, clinching the coveted ECL24 title by defeating Old Victorians from Jersey. Led by the astute leadership of Marc Whitlock, Hornchurch orchestrated a commanding performance, restricting Old Victorians to a modest total of 93 runs in the final showdown.

The Hornchurch batters, fueled by determination and resolve, exhibited a clinical display of batting prowess, chasing down the target in just 8.5 overs. George Hankins shone brightly with an outstanding knock of 48 not out, steering his team to victory. With this win, Hornchurch redeem themselves after falling short in the final of ECL23.

Mohammad Irfan's stellar contributions earned him the prestigious MVP accolade, underscoring his invaluable role in Hornchurch's momentous victory.

While Hornchurch's triumph will be etched in ECL history, the tournament also witnessed stellar performances from individual stalwarts. Jonty Jenner of Old Victorians etched his name in the record books, amassing an impressive tally of 603 runs, including three centuries – a feat unparalleled in ECL history. Additionally, Hornchurch's Harry Hankins showcased his bowling prowess, finishing as the leading wicket-taker with 24 scalps to his name.

As the echoes of the riveting battles and electrifying encounters fade into the horizon, ECL24 stands as a beacon of inspiration, uniting cricketing enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds and cultures under the common banner of sportsmanship and camaraderie. With hearts brimming with pride and memories etched in eternity, the journey of ECL24 comes to a conclusion, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of European cricket.