European Cricket Championship


The stunning new Dream11 European Cricket Championship Trophy has been unveiled at the Cartama Oval in Malaga, Spain.

The majestic Dream11 European Cricket Championship Trophy is yet another masterpiece from the beautiful production line of Sanjay Sharma, Founder and Designer of Loka Lifestyle.

Sanjay who has decades of experience creating bespoke trophies, fondly recalled the early ideas behind the making of the ECC trophy after Mark Lovell, European Cricket Network Head of Communications, sent a photograph of his favourite piece of silverware from the past.

“I started out with this European Championship Trophy idea from Mark Lovell in my head and originally tried to win him over.

“This idea gradually evolved over time, and I wanted to reach all those following European Cricket with my unique design. I wanted to create a trophy with such a unique identity that is not only loved, but the uniqueness and beauty of the design gets etched in each mind.

“It is a unique design that surely will become iconic with all the viewers and will be identified with the European Cricket Championship in the future,” said Sanjay.


Of course, Sanjay was also the Loka Lifestyle mastermind behind the brilliant European Cricket League trophy in 2019, while also producing the exclusive Gold ECC commemorative coins for all those players and officials double vaccinated at ECC21.

Broadcast to a worldwide audience, the European Cricket Championship - ECC21 - is a month-long national team tournament including representative sides from England and the Netherlands. Featuring almost 100 games in September and October, 15 national teams will contest the inaugural 2021 edition. The competition will be intense and the winners will be crowned on 8 October at the picturesque Cartama Oval, Malaga, Spain.